How much does a franchise cost?
A Burrito Jax Franchise costs $25,000.00 plus tax.
How much does it cost to build a store?
Depending on your location, development costs and other variables, between $130,000 and $230,000.
How do I finance the building of a franchise?
We’ll be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.
Who designs the store?
We have a great design team that will take care of this for you.
Who builds the store?
We encourage the use of local contractors when building a new store.
How do I get trained?
We provide the training at our head office in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
How long is training?
Training last for two weeks.
Do I need industry experience to run a Burrito Jax franchise?
No, we provide all the training you will need.
Can I buy a franchise and hire someone to manage it?
Do you provide the POS system?
Do I need a company registered before I buy the franchise?
Do I get an exclusive territory for my franchise location?
Where do I purchase the food for my location?
We have a food program you participate in.